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Welcome to our FAQ section, where we’ve gathered answers to a wide range of common queries. Whether you have questions about our products, services, or policies, you’ll likely find the information you need here. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team for personalized assistance.

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is the latest system of watching TV, replacing the old fashion Cable TV or Satellite Dish system setup on the roof or D2H (Direct To Home) services. With a fast fiber internet connection a LiveTV channel will simultaneously keep downloading stream and you’ll be able to watch that TV channel feel as a Live TV Channel. You can watch Live TV channels, Movies, Shows and Sports Live and Downloaded as VOD series.

Using IPTV service is legal, it must should be purchased from an authorized dealer/provider of the service. It’s not illegal in the USA and other countries . Hope this make sense!

Basically IPTV offers to existing subscribers of ISPs for the Internet Service. It’s an external option of user’s entertainment like Hulu and Netflix. Some of them are limited to one or few countries and some are selling worldwide. They both use the same IPTV system, download media for user and watch that downloaded media without interruptions.

restart of your Router and Device solves 90% of Issues! Before proceeding to troubleshoot any issues, please perform a restart on your equipment. Power off your router, pull the plug for 1 min and power on again. This will clear the cache from your router. Then turn your TV box or Smart TV off, pull the plug for 1 minute and turn and back on. This will clear out all the old cache settings from your router and device and should provide a fresh connection. He is often the solution to a lot of problems and is essential before other troubleshooting can begin.

Yes, you can Please let us know your order id or current username and new MAC.

Not at the same time
        1. You can watch multiple devices, but not at the same time.
        2. If you try to use multiple devices at the same time, your account will be banned without notice and no refund is payed.
        3. Restreaming is not allowed.

Yes, our service is compatible with Virtual Private Network.

We do not allow re-streaming or resell it. Any account found re-streaming will be banned and will not be refunded.

What is EPG? EPG is an electronic program guide, an on-screen guide of scheduled broadcast programming television programs. Remember EPG is not available for all countries that’s why we suggest to use our free trial before you purchase a subscription.

Unplug your TV from the wall, as well as your router for 1 Minute, and upload your M3U file or m3u URL again for the SIPTV website and that should fix it. If not, then your IP address must be blocked. Let us know how it goes. NOTE: Remember to Use the delete playlist option first, then try adding playlist again.

Our services use the latest H264 technology, offering the best compression and quality. The IPTV stream sizes are roughly around 8 Mbit. However, when changing channels the H264 protocol may bounce higher slightly to begin showing the picture, this is why a 16 Mbit minimum internet connection speed is required, 30 Mbit for HD channels.

How to Change the Buffering Settings on the MAG Set top box and STB Emu. Changing the buffering settings on your Mag box can help with buffering issues on Mag Box.

  • After loading the Portal, Go to Menu, Settings
  • Scroll down and choose Advanced Settings
  • Use the slider in Buffering to choose the delay, we recommend starting with 6 to 10 seconds, then select OK This will allow the device to create a longer buffer to help with any buffering issues.

The mag box adult content is protected via a 4 digit pin code or parental control password: 0000 This code will unlock the adult content. or check with support team.

Our service will never have 100% uptime on all channels. That is not possible in our industry. We strive to provide you a high level of service at very discounted rates. So please keep this in mind first and foremost. If a channel is down, we will do our best to restore that back to service by swapping sources and also reporting it as a down channel to our provider. If your well-being is dependent on a single channel to be up 100% of the time then you really need to consider cable or satellite as your primary service. We will be glad to be secondary service. Please use the guidelines below before reporting a channel :-
    1. Stop and give it a couple of minutes. We reboot and swap channels when needed. The channel may be coming back from our work.
    2. Is this happening on all channels? If it is, it may be on your end.
    3. Reboot your devices and wait for 30 secs before turning them back on (STBs, Android Boxes, Routers, Cable modems).
    4. Make sure you are connecting using a Ethernet cable to devices and not via Wi-Fi
    5. Try using a VPN service if all the above are not working.

Portal won’t load? To force load the Portal; Press Menu (for mini menu), Profiles and select your profile. This will force load your Portal, providing that you Portal URL is entered correctly under your Portal URL settings.

It’s a known issue with stb emu / Smart STB on Sony smart tv
         1. Long press ok/select button and click settings.
         2. Click key configuration settings.
         3. Next click grey bar that says ‘add key’.
         4. Press your chosen button (we used fast forward).
         5. Go down to ‘select action’ and click on it. Then scroll down to ‘volume down’ and select it.
         6. Then click on ‘save’ below it.
         7. Go back out, select channel, turn it down and fingers crossed you’re done.

If you are getting Buffering and Looping on STB Emulator, try selecting a different Media Player in settings. Exo Player and LJK Player are the best options, depending on your device.

Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic. Cause:

  •  The most common cause of buffering is the result of slow internet connection. This may be because of low internet speed or other users hogging the bandwidth in your house. Do you have lots of users in your home? Disconnect them all and try again.
  •  The second and most logical reason is that you are using Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter how fast your internet is a Wi-Fi as a whole is slow and unreliable. It just is…. You should avoid using it when possible. Resolution:
  • Directly connect to your router using an Ethernet cable or to a powerline adaptor.
  •  If not possible, try moving the box closer to the router.
  •  Change your WI-FI channel. To avoid interference with nearby devices

No, you will connect to our servers via the Internet and you don’t need dish and satellite equipment.​

We are compatible with many devices out there. We are compatible with:

  •  Mag Boxes (250,254,256,322 etc)
  •  Dreamlink (T1, T1+, etc)
  •  Buzz Tv (XPL 3000 etc)
  •  Formuler (Z7+ etc)
  •  VLC Player
  •  STB Emulator
  •  Perfect Player
  •  GSE Smart IPTV Player
  •  Smart IPTV Player
  •  IPTV Smarters
  •  Kodi
  •  Roku
  •  Enigma Devices
  •  And much more! Compatible Tv’s Will your tv work with our service? Any android tv will work using perfect player, gse and many more apps Amazon Fire TV Stick – If it’s a smart tv then yes via stb emu or smart iptv – please note these are paid for apps LG – If it’s a smart tv then yes via stb emu or smart iptv – please note these are paid for apps Samsung – If it’s a smart tv then yes via stb emu or smart iptv – please note these are paid for apps Sony – Opera based sony tvs will work with the ssiptv app and OTT player. Sony also makes android tvs which are compatible These are currently the only tv’s we know for sure that work with IPTV. If you have a tv that isn’t listed and is non-android based working, please let us know.  

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